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New World

73rd AFAT Annual Convention- November 10 & 11, 2016
L'Escale Hôtel Suites • Val-d'Or
1100, rue de l'Escale

Everything is moving quickly. We are living in an accelerated, ever-changing society. In a world that is perpetually evolving, where needs increase rapidly and die just as fast, it is easy to imagine the traces that ten years of crisis have left within the forest industry. These traces have broadened into depressions from where we are trying to emerge. Good climbers have managed to get out, others are slowly emerging, but for the less fortunate the slope is way too steep. Who are those good climbers, currently recapturing their market shares? Who are the players in this new world? More importantly, how have they done it?

It seems that the secret to succeed in this new world lies in innovation, development of new markets, and adequacy to adapt to today's realities. Of course, environmental considerations now dictate the direction we all must follow. Under the theme "A New World", our 73rd annual convention will focus on these new players and emerging new ideas, most particularly in our region. A good example of innovation is the Val-d'Or integrated forest park project, the first development of its kind in Quebec! Networking. Cogeneration. New products. Recycling. This new project definitely reflects the new face of the forest industry, but is not the only one. This event will be the perfect opportunity to talk about the latest developments and advances in forestry in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

No longer can we deny it! Forestry is entering a new world where prevailing laws are those dictated by a market that has undergone a complete change over the past decade. To adapt, or to die, that perhaps should be the question!

Isabelle Boulianne
Executive director, AFAT

73rd AFAT Annual Convention

Thursday, November 10

Reception and registration
Opening cocktail
Jean-Paul Bérubé Room
Luc Blanchette
Jean-Paul Bérubé Room
Conference dinner
Mr. Luc Blanchette
Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks

Friday November 11

Serge Constantineau
Conferences | Lamaque Room
The future of the wood products industry
Challenges and Opportunities
Mr. Serge Constantineau, ing. f. M. Sc.
Director - Initiatives SM2

Jean-Yves Poitras
A model to meet today's challenges
Mr. Jean-Yves Poitras,
Industrial Commissioner
Corporation de développement industriel et commercial de la région de Val-d'Or

Michel Lessard
Tembec — Between Perception and reality
Mr. Michel Lessard, ing. f.
Vice-president, Forest Resource Management and Fibre Supply

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Health break & Visit of stands
Hall and Exhibitors' Room

Jean-Yves Poitras
Conference | Lamaque Room
Electricty and cogeneration moving
towards a green merge
Mr. Jean-Yves Poitras,
Industrial Commissioner
Corporation de développement industriel et commercial de la région de Val-d'Or

Hugo Asselin
Conference dinner | Jean-Paul Bérubé Room
New tool to map the potential for aboriginal interest on the land
Mr. Hugo Asselin
School of Indigenous Studies

Claude Lebel
Conference | Lamaque Room
Evolution, a question of survivance!
Mr. Claude Lebel, ing. f.
General Manager

Choice of industrial visit
Visit A Uniboard
Visit B Tecolam and Technologies Élément PSW Inc.

Jean-Paul Bérubé Room
Banquet | Salle Jean-Paul Bérubé
Conclusion of the convention
Introduction of guests and tributes
Stéphane Bélanger
Closing evening | Jean-Paul Bérubé Room
Show by
Stéphane Bélanger
Humorist and impersonator

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